Welcome to the Lions of Virginia District 24D 

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Transition to 24I 
Transitioning from District 24D to 24I ...

    We will track events and notifications for the transition from 24D to the new district 24I on this page.

Transition Update 11 February  ... click here for the update sent on the 11th of February, 2018.

We need your feedback to stay current ... if something's not quite right, or there's something important going on that doesn't appear somewhere on the website, or if you've got a brilliant idea for improving the site that's burning a hole in your brain, let us know! You can click on the "contact the District Webmaster" links, like the one below, and you'll get a little email window that will send a message directly to me. Or, you can work through your zone chair to send up your inputs. However you do it, be sure to keep us in the loop!

Your Announcement Here ... Need to get the word out on a major event? We can put an announcement right here on the Whats New! page and back that up with a registration form on the event reservation page. Send your stuff to the district webmaster ...

Thanks for visiting our web site! We are always improving the site. If you have some comments or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact the
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