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zone "e" clubs 
 These are the clubs in Zone E: Members names in blue will link to email if you click on them!

    Region 2 Chair:  Cecil Smithson  757-375-8925
    Zone E Chair:  Ron Schneider  757-403-6878

Eastern Virginia Medical School
Meets in the McCombs Auditorium at EVMS, 1st & 3rd Monday at 12:00 PM
Lewis Hall, 700 W. Olney Rd, Norfolk
Secretary Jasen Tjahjadi   574-229-6669 

Little Creek Lions Club
Meets at Mom & Pop's Family Restaurant, 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 PM
331 East Bayview Boulevard
Norfolk, VA
Secretary Roberto Loya  757-615-6556 (cell)
Norfolk Host Lions Club
Meets at Mom & Pops Family Restaurant, 1st Tuesday at 6:30 PM, 3rd Tuesday at 12:30 PM
331 East Bayview Blvd.
Norfolk, VA
Secretary Charles Chamberlayne  757-489-3698

Ocean View Lions Club
Meets at Mom and Pop's Restaurant, 1st & 3rd Monday at 7:00 PM
331 East Bayview Blvd.
Norfolk, VA
Secretary  Gary Coldren  757-642-6308

 for Little Creek, Norfolk Host and Ocean View

Norfolk Middle Town Lions Club
Meets at Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, 4th Tuesday at 6:15 PM
1141 Campostella Road
Norfolk, VA
Stephen Harris 757-373-2715 (cell)

Norfolk State University
Meets in the Brooks Library Room 1023, 2nd Tuesday at 6:15 PM
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, VA
Secretary Natasha Smith  757-455-9039

Norview Lions Club
Meets at Virginia Wesleyan College, Boyd Dining Hall, 3rd Thursday at 6:30 PM
1584 Wesleyan Drive
Norfolk, VA
George Bailey 757-853-0528

Wards Corner Lions Club
Meets at The Public House, 1st Tuesday at 1:00 PM
1112 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA
Secretary  Amanda Hudson  757-771-5567

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