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Sight & Hearing Conservation 

Sight and Hearing Conservation is our Principal Mission!

   The Lions of district 24-D take the appeal of Helen Keller in 1925 - to be "the knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness" - directly to heart. They are engaged on many fronts, in our own communities, our nation and around the world, to save or restore vision and hearing to those who don't have the means to care for themselves.

   Our primary charity is the provision of eye exams and glasses to those in need, This is done by each of the clubs in District 24-D. To see a list of the Sight and Hearing chairs for the clubs of 24-D, click here or on the "S&H chairs" label on the left.

   Lions conduct vision screening of both children and adults. Adults are screened for both vision and hearing using our Sight and Hearing Unit. Lions emphasize screening young children to find problems early. We can now screen the visual system of anyone from age 6 months through adulthood. To learn more about Children's Eye Screening and to access forms for this program, click on these highlighted links or on the links on the left of this page.

   To learn more about our mobile Sight & Hearing Unit that can bring vision and hearing screening to any location, please visit their page on this website or go to their own website at www.lmshu24d.org.

   The Lions Charity Foundation of 24D can help clubs provide eyecare for the people in their community, especially when the need is beyond the club's means. An Assistance with Eyecare form is located on the "forms" page, or you can access it by clicking here.
    To get a copy of the LCF Hearing Assistance form, click here.

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