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How does PediaVision
® work?

The measuring principle is based on photo-retinoscopy. Infrared light is projected through the pupils onto the retina. Depending on the refractive error, the reflected light forms a specific brightness pattern within the pupil.

® utilizes an infrared camera that combines auto-refraction and video-retinoscopy. From one meter (just over a yard) away, the camera is used to take a digital photograph. The information acquired is used to automatically assess a child’s vision in as little as five seconds.

What does PediaVision
® screen for?

PediaVision® screens for refractive errors, including:
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o    Astigmatism: irregularly shaped corneas or lenses

o    Myopia: nearsightedness

o    Hyperopia: farsightedness

o    Anisometropia: differences between the two eyes

It also performs a gaze analysis to help detect:

o    Strabismus: misalignment of the eyes

o    Amblyopia: lazy eye

o    Anisocoria: pupil size anomalies

What documents can I access for using PediaVision®?

These documents are available to help you conduct a Pediavision event:
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> Preschools List

> Steps to Set Up a Pediavision Event

> District Vision Screening Reporting Procedures

> District Vision Screening Report Form

> Sample Consent form

> List of Names to be Screened

> Sample PASS Letter

> Sample REFERRAL Letter

> Coloring Lion

In addition to those Pediavision specific documents above, you may also find these general documents useful:

> Pediavision Users Guide

> Pediavision Training Guide

> Pediavision Quick Start Guide

> How to Check if the Printer is Enabled

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