Welcome to the Lions of Virginia District 24D 

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Knight's Vision 
    Our District Newsletter

    The Knight's Vision is our district's monthly newsletter, published on the first of every month. It is freely distributed online here on our website - click on the link for the month you wish to view below. It is also available in hardcopy by mail as a subscription, for which we ask $50.00 per year.

    Our editor and business manager, Lion Sharene Nolan, accepts articles and advertisements for the newsletter up to the 15th of the month preceding publication.

    The newsletter will gladly accept donations to help defray its costs and will honor those donating to the cause as "Club KV Patrons" in each issue of the newsletter, at bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels depending on the donor's generosity.

    Lion Sharene may be contacted by email at knightsvision@district24d.com, or by phone at 757-343-0675.
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