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    How Do I ...

    We'll be posting answers to common questions about finding things on the website or getting things done arounf the district here. It will be in FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) style, so there won't be any particular order to the entries - you'll just have to scroll thru them to find what you're looking for. If you can't find an answer to your question, contact your webmaster by clicking this link and sending me an email.

How can I find a club?... Start by clicking the "find a club" listing on the left side of the home page. This will "navigate" you to the Find a Club page, which will display a map of the district with each zone in a distinct color. Click on the zone you're interested in, and a page will come up with all the clubs in that zone listed with their meeting information and an email link to the secretary for the club as well as their phone number. There will also be a little map that shows where the meeting place is - if you click on the map it will take you to Google maps and you can expand the map, get a more detailed map, or print one out. 

How can I find a club website?... Start by clicking on the "club links" listing on the left side of the home page to navigate to the Club Links page. All the clubs of the district are listed there. If the club has a website that we know about, the clubs name will be in purple test and underlined. Clicking on the underlined club name will take you to their website. If the club name isn't underlined, they don't have a website that we know of.

How do I find information about district functions such as the Charity Foundation or Eyeglass Recycling Center? ... Click on the "What we do" listing on the left side of the home page, and you will go to the page that lists all of those organizations. You'll find listings for the Charity Foundation, the Sight & Hearing Unit, the Eyeglass recycling Center, the Bland competition, and the Peace Poster contest - and maybe more as time goes on ...

Why are the navigation choices on the left different on different pages? ... the webmaster tailors the choices on some of the pages for a couple of reasons. First, it keeps the lengtn of the listings on the left (the "navigaton pane") reasonable in length so it's easy to sort through - the goal is for the user to be able to see all the choices without having to scroll. Second, it keeps the navigation focused on what the user is trying to do instead of cluttering up the field with a bunch of stuff that doesn't apply. If you're ever in an area (such as "find a club") where you can't find a link to what you want to do next, you can always click on "home page" - that link will always be there!

Where are the registration forms for Region meetings, District meetings and so forth? ... Click on "event reservations" and you'll find all the registration forms that we've got. You can print them and mail them in or fax them, or if the folks running the event have allowed for it you can download the form, fill it out electronically and email it.

Thanks for visiting our web site! We are always improving the site. If you have some comments or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact the
District Webmaster.
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