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How does HOTV work?

The HOTV matching test is an excellent test for children who are unable to perform vision testing by verbally identifying letters and numbers. This test consists of a wall chart composed only of Hs, Os, Ts, and Vs. The child is provided an 8 1/2 x 11-inch board containing a large H, O, T, and V. The examiner points to a letter on the wall chart, and the child points to (matches) the correct letter on the testing board. This can be especially useful in the 3- to 5-year-old who is unfamiliar with the alphabet.

Why are only H,O,T, and V used?   

   Recognition of letters and numbers is not trivially easy for young children.  Using these symbols may underestimate their acuity by measuring a combination of acuity and cognitive development.
  A simplified chart with only the letters H, O, T and V may overcome this problem.  These letters were chosen because they are symmetrical, so they will not pose a problem for young children who still have problems with laterality.  If children cannot name the letter, they may be given large flash cards to which they may match them.

What does HOTV screen for?

  HOTV is strictly for screening visual acuity - it is not more specifically diagnostic and will not point out specific afflictions of the eye (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus, etc). 

What documents can I access for using HOTV?

These documents are available to help you conduct a HOTV event:
     click on the document name to open it

> Contents of an HOTV Kit

> HOTV Chart Mask

> How to Vision Screen with HOTV

> Steps to Set Up an HOTV Event

> Record Keeping Suggestions

In addition to those HOTV specific documents above, you may also find these general documents useful:

> Sample Consent form

> Sample PASS Letter

> Sample REFERRAL Letter

> Coloring Lion

> Preschools List

> Preschool Screening District Report

> List of Names to be Screened

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