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children's eye screening 

Children’s Eye Screening Program of District 24-D

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Although the Lions of District 24-D have been screening the vision of young children for many years, the advent of a new technology has revolutionized and energized the program.  In the fall of 2010 the district received its first vision screening device now referred to as SPOT, an automated and computerized mobile hand-held device that from a meter’s distance could determine the focus and alignment of a child’s eyes in one second!  As all analysis is performed by the device, it is easily used by any layperson.  A Pass or Refer report is generated and the parents notified by letter.


Every district club’s area contains many nursery and pre-schools and daycare centers.  These and public events at shopping malls, churches, and communities where children congregate are fertile locations to find young children for testing.  It is critical to determine visual system problems early as between the ages of 5 and 10 years vision matures and prevents corrections later in life.  If a child’s brain doesn’t literally learn to see with both eyes at these early ages, it is unlikely to ever be able to do so.


If a Lions club wishes to conduct screenings, please contact the Lion’s Services for Children Chair, Lion Meredith Coldren at servicesforchildren@district24d.com or 757-642-8873.  The following documents are available to help set-up and conduct a screening event.  The consent form, Pass and Referral letters can be modified for your particular club:

 Helpful Information:


Forms and Reports:


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